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Friday, October 15, 2010

Katoliko Group Anniversary! Facebook posts and EWTN Notes

Hello groupmates!

Malapit na ang Anniversary ng ating Katoliko Group sa Oct 26. Nauna kong naisip na ipagdiwang ang ating anibersaryo ng isang buwan mula Oct 11 ngunit naging abala ako sa pag-buo ng presentasyon sa Encyclical ni Sto Papa Benito XVI na aking ibabahagi sa inyo sa loob ng 30 na ito. 

Kaya naman upang masimulan ang ating pagdiriwang, ipopost ko aking nga tala sa ilang mga serye ng EWTN, kasama ng aking mga pagninilay  na aking ibinahagi sa Facebook. 

Nawa'y magpatuloy pa ang ating samahan at pagtagpo natin kay Kristo sa ating Pananampalataya.

Happy Anniversarry!
Your groupmate,

Some points I got from PBXVI's message for WYD 2011:1)We have to be planted and built up in Jesus Christ 2) it is in our Christian Faith that we have a personal relationship w/Him, encounter Him, our true identity is revealed by Him and our life grows towards complete fulfilment.***EWTN is everywhere! Yahoo to the expanding global reach of authentic Catholic Preaching!


Wow! If Dives Misericordia meditated on the Parable of the Prodigal Son, Veritatis Splendor meditated on the person's question:"what good must I do to have eternal life". Encyclicals are prisms that show the full color spectrum of the light given by the Gospel and the Cathechism! ** the Sunday Gospel reminds that our love for our neighbors should always be grounded and shaped by our love for God.


 May God stir in our hearts the urgency and more intensified desire to respond to His call, our mission that orients us towards the filling in our deepest hunger to love and to serve Him.**Let's listen to Bishop Tagle's Sunday Readings meditation


You can save people from loosing their faith by knowing Christ more and helping others do the same. Here is a beautiful testimony of Dr Scott Hahn and his wife Kimberly that has been re-told thousands of times which has continually made people cross the Tiber. Thanks for making us fall in love with Bible studies and jumpstarting our desires to deepen our knowledge of the Faith.


Our familiarity with Mary's role in man's salvation history is an indicator of the degree of our recognition of the unity of all the books in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation


Notes fr Social Doctrine by Msgr Stuart Swetland**
We are made for infinite love**Geneticist show that we all have a commone ancestor**Adam and eve didn't trust that God wants our Good

**Let's listen to Bishop Tagle's Gospel reflection. The Lord tells us that we should exceed the cleverness and zeal of wordly people and direct these things to fuel our desire to serve Him
Saw the movie Karol on EWTN. Wooow! This movie,which I rank 2nd on my favorite JP2 film list next only to"Witness to Hope", is a sort of a collage of the lessons I've learned from JP2. Maybe buying the DVD and donating to Lady of Peace Library so a lot of folks would benefit from it is a good idea!


"Be not afraid" is said to have appeared 366 times in the Bible from resurrection till the end. we have one for each day of the year including leap year**
Comfort those who are afflicted and aflict those who are overly comfortable**Instead of having more we have to move forward in being more is a humorous description of our social doctrine**
One tragic thing in life is not to be a saint **To be saint is follow our vocation to seek peace and justice**Social teaching is to sanctify the world**Justice is fidelity to the relatioship**The justice of God's kingdom is mercy**The church's social teaching helps us fulfill our vocation** God's Word and Thought is so real that it is a person, and the love between the father and son is the Holy Spirit. The thought and the person is not separate from God the Father, they are one being. He is a comunity of person, God is love. He is self sustained and does not need anything outside of himself. We are made out of love for love, out of communion for communion. Out of relatioship for relationship
So we can live with the communion with Him and brothers and sister and to be in harmony with creation with oursleves which is the original justice. We are made for God to be united with the infinite Love to fill the God-size hole in us**.in Christ we more than restored and because our relationship with God is restored..all other relationship can be healed and restored.**Grace can heal our internal disharmony**4 relationship that was affected by sin: With God. With others, with creation and with ourselves**
We have to go back to the very beginning to how God intended it to be**How can we love God who we can't see if don't love our brothers who we can see**Man is in the image of God coz they can think and choose..intellect and will,,also we are in the image of God coz we are called to live in communion and relationship**Francis' prayer shows that evil is the absence of good and that Christ has come here to fill that void**Mary is the model to receive grace and receive the truth. The magi found Christ in the arms of Mary

Notes from Priesthood through the Ages by Fr O'Connor**The priest is a priest because of his being even before his acting. The more pronounced the cross in the life of a priest is the more  effective is his priesthood. **
Difference of pagan/jewish priest with our priest is that he also offers himself, they are the priest and victims. Numbered among sinners so we can be united to God**
Everyhting that the priests do is an extension of the mass, letting the power of the sacrifice of the cross flow.

Gospel of Life byFr Meneses**
Do not accept anytihing of the one without the other (Faith and Reason) because having only one of the will be a destructive lie--edith stein**The loss of the sense of God is the loss of the sense of man**Kapax dei we are capable of God**The body is a part and parcel of who we are, the expression of our person- summary of JP2's Theology of the Body

the title of the video indicates that PBXVI's statement, warning us of the deception of the media, was directed against the mafia. This means that it might be reasonable to suspect that there is an intentional media movement to harm the Church. Let us find courage when Jesus, when put in political/religious trap of deciding whether to stone the woman, a was able to strike to the root of the problem by letting the Truth of Gospel shine forth!


Poverty is not just a problem to be solved, the poor people has to be loved**The poor people in the world might be those people who are in the aged homes**
We won't be able to adequately serve the poor if we don't let ourselves be filled with Christ**
God made us to work. For us not to work is against the 3rd commandment because it says there that for 6 days we will work and the rest on the 7th day.**Work became harder because of sin

One thing that the chess game shows us is not waste opportunities. As chess player should optimize his movements by doing meaningful ones, gaining any advantages and positioning pieces where they'll be most effective, Christians should take every opportunity to sanctify their lives, offer up even small works to God, and respond to our vocation in life where we will give Him the greater Glory**Let us pray that abortionists will peel off the layers of rationalizing they have built that desensitizes them and may they have compassion for the unborn babies


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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Diyos ng mga Biyaya

Makinig sa pagninilay ni Bishop Tagle


Lk 17:11-19 Gospel
As Jesus continued his journey to Jerusalem,
he traveled through Samaria and Galilee.
As he was entering a village, ten lepers met him.
They stood at a distance from him and raised their voices, saying,
"Jesus, Master! Have pity on us!"
And when he saw them, he said,
"Go show yourselves to the priests."
As they were going they were cleansed.
And one of them, realizing he had been healed,
returned, glorifying God in a loud voice;
and he fell at the feet of Jesus and thanked him.
He was a Samaritan.
Jesus said in reply,
"Ten were cleansed, were they not?
Where are the other nine?
Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God?"
Then he said to him, "Stand up and go;
your faith has saved you."


Kung minsan, matapos natin makatanggap ng biyaya mula sa Panginoon, nalilimutan natin ang Diyos na pinagmulan ng mga biyaya. Katulad ito ng nangyayari sa ating panahon ngayon sa ating lipunan kung saan nakakalimutan ang Diyos at natutuon na lamang sa salapi at iba pang materyal na bagay.

Kung makikita natin sa Ebanghelyo, nagbalik ang Samaritano kay Hesus upang magpasalamat. Ayon sa ating Santo Papa Benito XVI, ito ang kulang sa atin ngayon, ang pagtanaw natin ng utang na loob sa Diyos dahil sa Kanya nagmumula ang lahat at mula sa pagtanaw ng utang na loob sa Panginoon na ito ay ang udyok sa atin na kumilos sa di-makasariling pagmahal sa ating kapwa. Nasabi ni Sto. Papa Benito na ito ang atin kalikasan, tayo ay nilikha para sa handog, tumatanggap tayo ng handog ng Diyos at tinatawag tayo sa paghahandog sa ating kapwa. Ang ating paghahandog na ito ay nasa rurok sa ating pagbibigay ng ating sarili sa pamamagitan ng pakikiisa natin sa pangangailangan at pagdurusa ng ating mga kapus-palad na kapatid. Sa pakikiisa natin sa kanila dito ay naibabahagi natin ang ating presensiya, ang handog ng ating sarili.

Nakita din natin na ang nagbalik na Samaritano ay nakatanggap ng mas malaking biyaya, ang pamumukadkad ng kanyang pananampalataya na nagligtas sa kanya at nagbigay sa kanya ng walang-hanggang buhay.

Makikita natin na kahanay ng unang Ebanghelyo, sa unang pagbasa, nakita natin na ang Katotohanan ni Kristo ay di nakukulong ng pagkukulang ng makataong kultura o paniniwala. Iniwan ni Naaman ang kanyang diyus-diyosan dahil natagpuan niya ang Mismong Katotohanan, ang Diyos mismo. Ito ang tawag sa sangkatauhan, ang matagpuan ang katotohanan na siyang nagbibigay liwanag sa kung sino tayo na siyang inalok ni Elisha kay Naaman. Ito ang hamon sa ating panahon na walang-takot na ipangalat ang mabuting balita na ating ipinagkakait tuwing pinapalagpas natin ang pagkakataon na ibahagi ito sa iba.

Nawa'y magningning pa lalo ang liwanag ng Katotohanan na si Hesus, Nawa'y lagi nating isa-isip na ang lahat ng mayroon tayo ay galing sa Diyos at tayo di ay tinatawag na maging handog para sa Diyos at ating mga kapwa.

Your groupmate,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Re: Praying Deus Caritas Est

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Praying Deus Caritas Est

"Lord you are love, let us abide in love so we can abide in You, and You abide in us" (1 Jn 4:16)
"We have come to know and to believe in Your love for us, to encounter you and to respond to your gift

We thank you for the beautiful love between a man and woman. help us discipline and purify this love, a love that should promise us infinity and, eternity

Unite our body and soul when we love and make this love lead us beyond ourselves through self-giving so we can know You and so we can know ourselves, for you have said "Whoever seeks to gain his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will preserve it"

Ground and shape our love in faith. Give this love so we may give it to others. Make us a source from which rivers of living water flow (cf. Jn 7:37-38) by constantly drinking anew from You, Jesus Christ, whose pierced heart flows the love of God (cf. Jn 19:34). So great is Your love for man that by becoming man You have followed us even into death reconciling us through justice and love. Unite us to You so we may become one spirit with You" (1 Cor 6:17).

It is written that a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife and they become one flesh(Gen 2:24) you have designed this union to represent the complete humanity. Help us direct this love towards marriage, to a bond that is an icon of the relationship between You and Your people. Your way of loving becomes the measure of human love.

Jesus, incarnate love of God, You are the shepherd who goes after the lost sheep,You are the one who looks for the lost coin, You have revealed God the Father who goes to meet and embrace us his prodigal sons.

Jesus, Logos and ultimate eternal wisdom, You are our real food and You truly nourish us and enable us to enter into the Your self-giving. Before, we only stand in Your presence, now we are able to unite ourselves with You by sharing in your self-gift, and by sharing in your body and blood. This Union with you unites us with all those to whom you have given Yourself and draws us out of ourselves towards You,  uniting us with all Christians. You have united our Love for you and the love for our neighbours: draw us all to into Yourself. We find you Jesus in the least of the brethren, and in You,Jesus, we find God.

Our communion with Your will increases in a communion of thought and sentiment so that Your will is now our own will, and you become more deeply present to me than I am to myself. Let us surrender ourselves to this self- abandonment for you are our joy (cf. Ps 73 [72]:23-28).

Lord, in You and with You, I love even the person who I do not like or even know because we encounter You in them. I learn to look on this other person not simply with my eyes and my feelings, but with Your eyes. If I have no contact with You in my life, then I cannot see in the other anything more than the other, and we can't see them in the image of God. Help us to welcome, love, and serve our neighbours. Make us see what You have done for us and how much You love us.

Unite us in You with your love
. Holy Spirit, conform our heart into Christ's heart and move us to love our brethren as Christ loved them, just as when he bent down to wash the feet of the disciples (cf. Jn 13:1-13) and above all when he gave his life for us (cf. Jn 13:1, 15:13). Transforms the heart of the church, so that it becomes a witness before the world to the love of the Father. Make humanity a single family in his Jesus. We ask you to be with us in evangelizing

We read in the Acts of the apostles that "All who believed were together and had all things in common; and they sold their possessions and goods and distributed them to all, as any had need" (Acts 2:44-5).

Teach us to be faithful to the "teaching of the Apostles", in a life centered on "communion" (koinonia), "the breaking of the bread" and "prayer" (cf. Acts 2:42).

Lead us to serve you in the widows and orphans, prisoners, and the sick and needy of every kind for these service expresses who we are

We are your family. No one in our family should go without the necessities of life, no member should suffer through being in need.

We thank you for always giving us an opportunity to do good to all especially to those who are of the household of faith.

May our leaders lead us in the just ordering of society. We pray that states will guarantee religious freedom and harmony between the followers of different religions. May states recognize and respect the proper independence of the Church based on faith as a community.

Purify our reason, free it from ethical blindness caused by effects of power and special interests. Purify and liberate our reason through our Faith where we encounter You and we see new horizons that extends beyond the sphere of reason.

Help us spread the Church's social teaching using reason and natural law, to help form consciences in political life and to give us greater insight into the authentic requirements of justice as well as greater readiness to act accordingly, even when this might involve conflict with situations of personal interest.

May we Christians speak with a united voice to ask for the "respect for the rights and needs of everyone, especially the poor, the lowly and the defenceless.

May we respond to immediate needs of our brothers and sisters, to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, care for and healing the sick, visit those in prison, make our faith active through love (cf. Gal 5:6). To make present here and now the love which man always needs. May we make people aware of Your presence By having a pure and generous love as Your witness

Guide us by the faith which works through love (cf. Gal 5:6) so that it is"the love of Christ urges us on" (5:14).

Lord, you have given Yourself for us, even unto death, inspire us to live no longer for ourselves but for You, and, with You, for others. Let us share in the needs and sufferings of others, for this is my sharing of my very self with them: my personal presence in our gift.

May we not consider ourself as superior to the one served, rather, we are able to serve because You have graciously enabled us to do so.

Give us Hope to do good even in the face of apparent failure. Make us humble to accept Your mystery and to trust You even at times of darkness. You have given Jesus for our sake. You hold the world in Your hands and, in spite of all darkness, You will ultimately triumph in glory.

Through our Faith make us see your love which you revealed in the pierced heart of your Son, Jesus on the Cross. Let Your light illuminate our world and give us the courage to keep us living and working. We thank you for creating us in your image and letting us experience this intimate union. We ask you to pervade our souls and make us fountains where rivers of living water flow" (Jn 7:38).

-- my heart rejoices in the Lord!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Re: Prayer based on Dives in Misericordia

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Prayer based on Dives in Misericordia

Jesus, Mercy made flesh, you have revealed God and showed his relationship of love & mercy with us. You showed how close He is especially in our sufferings. You have revealed man to us and you have asked to us to be guided by love and mercy. Send us the Holy Spirit to move us to be aware that everytime we fall into sin, we experience the loss of dignity as children of God.

Your Mercy is concretely expressed in our conversion. Jesus, you have undergone the cross to bear upon our sin & to restore the creative power in man to access the fullness of life & holiness. Our Redemption shows your mercy in it's fullness, the ultimate and definitive revelation of your holiness, your absolute fullness of perfection: the fullness of justice & of love. By your passion & death, you have shown the absolute & superabundance of justice. By your sacrifice, the Father is linked to us more intimately than that of creation. Now we are linked to the Father, our Abba, by the bond of love that grants us participation in d very life of the Trinity.

You have paid for our sins at the price of your sacrifice, of your obedience even to death. You have redeemed us from Death at the price of your death, for you are w/o sin & you alone are able—by means of your own death—to inflict death upon death. Your cross, Lord Jesus, makes us understand the deepest roots of evil, which are fixed in sin and death.

You are the God Of Mercy. Let this knowledge be our constant & inexhaustible source of our conversion. Let us experience the interior transformation when we love and show mercy to our neighbors. Remind us that in doing this, we also receive mercy from the same people

When we seek for true justice, remind us that it only has True mercy as it's profound source. When we concern ourselves only of reciprocal and equal distribution of objective & extrinsinc goods, remind us that love and only love is capable of restoring us to ourselves. That the most perfect incarnation of justice and of "equality" between people is Mercy which makes people meet one another in that value which is man himself. May we see that justice constitute the goal of forgiveness where he who forgives and he who is forgiven encounter one another at an essential point, the dignity of the person. That justice is necessary in order that love may reveal its own nature. We pray for a human society with justice, merciful love and forgiveness.

Remind us that forgiveness is more powerful than sin. That it is also d fundamental condition for reconciliation, not only in d relationship of God w/man,but also in relationships bet people. Give us the grace to acknowledge that we are trespassers against each other. Make us see that forgiveness, when it has Mercy as it's source, doesn't mean indulgence toward evil, scandals, injury or insult but it is a reparation for evil and scandal, compensation for insult.

Mother Mary, our mother in the order of grace,help us win the battle, the conflict that is within us, the battle with our disordered attraction to sin. Help us preserve our sense of what is sacred and deliver us from elements that dehumanizes us and cause our society's moral decay. We pray that we, the Church, continue to reveal You, our Father, you who allow us to "see" yourself in Christ. Amen

-- my heart rejoices in the Lord!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Byzantine Lenten Prayer: Our Holy Father Porphirius, bishop of Gaza / Holy Marty Sebastian, Roman martyr

Friday, February 26, 2010

St. Basil Church, Los Gatos, CA


Today's Saint/s:

Our Holy Father Porphirius, bishop of Gaza / Holy Marty Sebastian, Roman martyr



Today's Readings:


l Holy Scriptures:


6th Hour:     A reading from the Prophecy of Isaiah

                                      Isaiah 7:1-14        Click: Prophecy of Isaiah

          Vespers:      A reading from the Book of Genesis

Genesis 5:32-6:8  Click: Book of Genesis

                             A reading from the Proverbs of Solomon

                                      Proverbs 6:20 - 7:5, 7:24-8:1 Click: Book of Proverbs


l "Ascending the Heights":   Step 10       Pages 53 – 58



Today's Holy Services:                     Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified, 7:00pm.


Tomorrow: Second All Souls Saturday: Service for the Departed, 9:30am

                   No Vespers. / Divine Liturgy in Salinas, CA  4:30pm @ Palma High School




(From Office of Matins)


Through Thy crucifixion Thou dost open Paradise again and deliver me from the eternal death of disobedience. With rejoicing I partake of life, and I magnify Thee as my God, O Thou who lovest mankind.


O Lord, Thy life-creating Cross has turned the instrument of the curse into a seal of blessing. Beholding Thee upon it, we who before were dead are brought to life, and singing Thy praises we magnify Thee as our Master.


O precious Cross, my strength and refuge, bestow upon me light and joy; purify me through abstinence and deliver me from temptation, that I may give thee glory and magnify Christ the Master.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today’s Saint/s: Holy Martyr Polycarp,St. Polycarp was a disciple of the holy Apostle John, and the Bishop of Smyrna

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

St. Basil Church, Los Gatos, CA


Today's Saint/s: Holy Martyr Polycarp,

St. Polycarp was a disciple of the holy Apostle John, and the Bishop of Smyrna

When ordered to renounce Christ or suffer death by fire, the holy elder St. Polycarp replied: "Eighty and six years have I served Him, and He never once wronged me;

how then shall I blaspheme my King, Who hath saved me?"


Today's Readings:


l Holy Scriptures:


6th Hour:     Beginning of the reading of the Prophecy of Isaiah

                                      Isaiah 5:7-16        Prophecy of Isaiah

          Vespers:      Beginning of the Reading of the Book of Genesis

Genesis 4:8-15     Book of Genesis

                             Beginning of the Reading of the Proverbs of Solomon

                                      Proverbs 5:1-15    Book of Proverbs


l "Ascending the Heights":   Step 7         Pages 39 - 43



Tomorrow, Wed. Feb. 24:   Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified, 12noon




(From Office of Matins)


Open to me the doors of repentance, O Giver of Life. * As we worship in Your temple this morning, * teach us how to purify the temples of our bodies, * and in Your compassion, purify me by the goodness of Your mercies.


Lead me to the paths of salvation, O Mother of God, * for I have condemned myself with shameful sins * and have wasted all my life in slothfulness. * By your intercession purify me from all sinfulness.


Have mercy on me, O God, in Your kindness. In Your compassion, blot out my offense.

When I think upon the multitude of my evil deeds, * I tremble for the terrible Day of Judgment. * But trusting in the compassion of Your mercy, O Lord, * I cry to You like David: * Have mercy upon me, O God, according to Your great mercy!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pebrero 22: Kapistahan ng Posisyon ng Sto Papa; Papal Infallibility: Grasya ng Kawalang Pagkakamali


Pinapaliwanag sa website ng Catholic Answers ang tungkol sa Papal Infallibility (http://www.catholic.com/library/Papal_Infallibility.asp).

Mga Maling Akala

Maraming mga tao ang nag-aakala na ang mga Popes ay pinaniniwalaang hindi pwedeng magkasala. Ang Infallibility ay hindi ang kawalan ng posibidad ng magkasala. Ang infallibility din ay hindi lang limitado Sto. Papa, ito din ay para sa lahat ng mga obispo kapag kaisa sila ng papa sa aspeto ng doktrina at nagsasabi na ang mga ito ay katotohanan.


Ang doktrina tungkol sa "Infallibility" ay tumutukoy sa grasya na pinagkaloob ng Panginoon upang mapigilan ang anumang pagkakamali sa pagtuturo ng totoong pananampalataya. Ang grasyang ito ay tumutulong sa Santo Papa sa loob ng 3 kondisyon:

  • Siya ay nagsasalita bilang Ulo ng Simbahan sa kapangyarihan ng posisyon ni San Pedro
  • Siya ay nagtuturo sa aspeto ng moral at ng pananampalataya.
  • Ang pagtuturo ay kanyang pinatatanggap sa lahat ng tao.

Mga tala sa artikulo ng Catholic Answer tugkol sa Infallibility

Ayon sa Vatican II ang mga obispo ay Infallible din kahit sila ay kalat sa iba't ibang bansa sa tuwing sila ay nagpapahayag ng pananampalataya hangga't sila ay nagkakaisa at kasama nila ang Sto. Papa tungkol sa isang pananaw sa moral at faith na dapat sampalatayanan ng mga tao, ang halimbawa nito ay ang mga nangyayari sa Ecumenical Council

Makikita sa Bibliya "guide you into all the truth" (John 16:13) na hindi magkakamali ang simbahan, kahit magkamali ang parte ng miyembro nito (Matt. 16:18, 1 Tim. 3:15) Mas luminaw ang doctrina na ito nang makita ang awtoridad ng simbahan at ng primacy ng Sto. Papa at makikita ito sa unang kasaysayan ng Simbahan. Ang isang infallible pronouncement ay karaniwang nangyayari kapag may pagkakahati sa issue ng doktrina. Madalas na ang mga doktrina ay pinaniniwalaan naman ng malaking halos lahat ng miyembro ng Iglesiya.


Marami pa din ang nalilito sa pagkakaiba ng impeccability at Infallibilty ng Sto. Papa. May mga tanong din kung bakit ang ilan sa mga Sto. Papa ay hindi magkasundo sa ibang mga bagay. Dapat natin alalahanin na ang infallibility ay "solemn, official teachings on faith and morals, not to disciplinary decisions or even to unofficial comments on faith and morals". Ang infallibility ay hindi tumutulong sa Sto. Papa para malaman ang katotohanan, kailangan niya pa din alamin ang katotohanan, pero ang infallibilty ay pagpigil sa kanya ng Espiritu Santo na ma solemnly at pormal na magturo ng bagay na hindi totoo.

Pinapakita ng iba ang pag-iwas ni Pedro na maki-kain sa mga Christian Gentiles dahil sa takot niya sa mga tuling Judio pero sa pagkakataong ito, hindi nagtuturo si Pedro sa bagay ng Faith at Morals. Makikita din na alam ni Pedro ang tama pero hindi pa din niya ito sinunod. Para matulungan ang ating mga napahiwalay ng kapatid, ipakita natin na ginamit ng Espiritu Santo si Pedro ang dalawang Epistles ng walang pagkakamali.

Pagpapatibay ng Bibliya

  • "And I tell you, you are Peter [Petros], and on this rock [petra] I will build my Church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven'" (Matt. 16:18-19).
  • Ibibigay ko sa iyo [soi=singular you] ang mga susi ng kaharian ng Langit: ang itali mo [deses=singular you] dito sa lupa ay itatali rin sa Langit, ang kalagan mo [luses= singular you] dito sa lupa ay kakalagan dinsa Langit."Mt 16:19
  • Talagang sinasabi ko sa inyo : ang talian ninyo [pangmaramihan] sa lupa ay matatali rin sa Langit, at ang kalagan ninyo [pangmaramihan] dito sa lupa ay kakalagan din sa Langit. (Mat 18:18)
  • Simon, Simon, hinihingi ni Satanas na salain kayong [pangmaramihan] tulad ng trigo pero ipinagdasal kita [singular] nang di bumagsak ang iyong [singular] pananampalataya. At sa pagbabalikloob mo [singular] naman , patatagin mo [singular] ang iyong mga kapatid.( Luke 22:31 -32)

Makikita natin ang mga ebidensiya nito pati sa Bibliya sa "He who hears you hears me" (Luke 10:16), at "Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven" (Matt. 18:18). Ang Tungkulin ni Pedro na kaiba sa ibang mga Apostoles. Ang gagampanan ni Pedro sa Simbahan ay nasusulat sa "At sinasabi Ko naman sa iyo, na ikaw ay Pedro, at sa ibabaw ng batong ito ay itatayo ko ang aking iglesya; at ang mga pintuan ng Hades ay hindi magwawagi laban sa kanya." Mateo 16 : 18 Ayon sa Katekismo ng Iglesia Katolika

  • Ibibigay ko sa iyo [soi=singular you] ang mga susi ng kaharian ng Langit: ang itali mo [deses=singular you] dito sa lupa ay itatali rin sa Langit, ang kalagan mo [luses= singular you] dito sa lupa ay kakalagan dinsa Langit."Mt 16:19
Ano ang kahalagahan ng pananampalatayang ito para sa ating mga Kristiyano? Bakit mahalaga ang pagsunod natin sa Santo Papa? Anong ang ginagampanan ng Santo Papa sa Iglesiya ng Diyos? Mababasa sa Catechism of the Catholic Church ang ganito "Ang pananampalatayang ito ni Pedro ay ang bato na ginamit ni Hesus para maitayo ang Kanyang Iglesiya (424). Ang pagtanggap na si Hesus ay Anak ng Diyos ay ang sentro ng pananampalataya ng mga apostoles
(CCC442). Dahil sa pananampalataya ni Pedro, siya ang matatag na bato na magpapanatili at magproprotekta ng pananampalataya at magpapatatag ng pananampalataya ng
kanyang mga kapatid (CCC552).

Kanino pinagkatiwala ni Hesus ang Susi ng kaharian ng Langit? Di ba Niya ito binigay sa lahat ng apostol? Ang susi ng Iglesiya ay pinagkatiwala lang ni Hesus kay Pedro. Ngunit ang kapangyarihan na magkalag at magtali ay ibinigay din sa mga apostoles kasama ang ulo tulad ng makikita sa:

  • Talagang sinasabi ko sa inyo : ang talian ninyo [pangmaramihan] sa lupa ay matatali rin sa Langit, at ang kalagan ninyo [pangmaramihan] dito sa lupa ay kakalagan din sa Langit. (Mat 18:18)
Ang Santo Papa ay napoprotektahan na magkamali sa aspeto ng pagtuturo ng moral (18:15-19) at ng pananampalataya (Mt16:16-17). Magkaiba ba ang tinutukoy ni Hesus sa paggamit niya ng Petros at Petra? May mga nagsasabi na ang Petra ay nangangahulugan ng malaking bato at ang Petros naman ay maliit na bato, bakit magkaiba ang ginamit ng sumulat ng Ebanghelyo? Ang petros at petra ay magkasing kahulugan sa mga panahon na isinulat ni San Mateo ang Ebanghelyo. May mga makikita na magkaiba ang kahulugan ng dalawa sa mga tula ng mga ilang siglo bago ang panahon ni Hesus, ngunit ang pagkakaiba sa mga salitang ito ay halos nawala na sa panahon ni Hesus at makikita na lang ito sa salitang Attic Greek. Ngunit ang New Testament ay isinulat sa Koine Greek kung saan ang dalawa ay walang pagkakaiba. Kung talagang gustong idiin ni Hesus na si Pedro ay isa lamang na maliit na bato, dapat sana ay ginamit Niya ang salitang "lithos" na madalas na gamitin para tumukoy sa maliit na bato. [source: catholic.com]

  • Thus says the Lord, the GOD of hosts: Up, go to that official, Shebna, master of the palace, Who has hewn for himself a sepulcher on a height and carved his tomb in the rock: "What are you doing here, and what people have you here, that here you have hewn for yourself a tomb?" The LORD shall hurl you down headlong, mortal man! He shall grip you firmly. And roll you up and toss you like a ball into an open land To perish there, you and the chariots you glory in, you disgrace to your master's house! I will thrust you from your office and pull you down from your station. On that day I will summon my servant Eliakim, son of Hilkiah; I will clothe him with your robe, and gird him with your sash, and give over to him your authority. He shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to the house of Judah. I will place the key of the House of David on his shoulder; when he opens, no one shall shut, when he shuts, no one shall open. I will fix him like a peg in a sure spot, to be a place of honor for his family; On him shall hang all the glory of his family: descendants and offspring, all the little dishes, from bowls to jugs. On that day, says the LORD of hosts, the peg fixed in a sure spot shall give way, break off and fall, and the weight that hung on it shall be done away with; for the LORD has spoken. (Isaiah 22:15)
Mayroon bang kaugnayan ang pagbasa sa Isa 22 sa Mat 16? Ang pagbasa sa Mateo 16 ay pinangungunahan ng pagbasa galing sa Isa 22. Sa pamamagiitang ng pagbasa natin sa nasusulat sa Lumang Tipan, mas magkakaroon tayo ng ideya kung ano ang kahalagahan ng sinabi ni Hesus kay Pedro. Sabi nga, nakatago ang Bagong Tipan sa Lumang Tipan, at ang Lumang Tipan ay ibinubunyag sa Bagong Tipan.

Sinundan si David ng mga iba pang mga hari at si Haring Hezekiah, ang ika-14 na hari ng Juda, ang hari sa pangyayaring ito. Ang naging katulong ng mga hari ay ang mga ministro na pinamumunuan naman ng Punong Ministro. Sa Isa 22, ang sinisimbolo ng susi ay ang pagiging Punong Ministro. Nagpatuloy ang pangyayari na nawalan na ng pagtitiwala ang Panginoon kay Sobna at sinabi na papalitan na siya sa kanyang puwesto. Kinailangan ng awtoridad ng Panginoon upang tanggalin siya sa kanyang puwesto (Isa 22:1)

Kung Ang kaharian ni Haring David ay naitaguyod nang mga 11B.C. at ang una hanggang ika-39 na kabanata ng libro ni Isaias ay naisulat ng mga 8 B.C., nangangahulugan na ang susi ay naipasa ng 300-400 na taon. Sa Lumang Tipan, makikita ang pagkakaroon ng katulad na puwesto sa mga namamahala ng sambahayan ng Hari (2 Kings15:5, Gen 41:39-40). Halimbawa na lang nito ay si Jose na namahala para sa Paraon. Sa ating panahon, ang posisyon na iniwan ni San Pedro ay di nawawala ngunit naipapasa, at ang posisyon na ito ay ang sa Santo Papa.

Ayon sa Revelation 3:7, si Hesus ang may hawak ng susi ng sambahayan ni David na siya ang may kapangyarihan magsara at magbukas. Hindi binibitawan ng Diyos ang Kanyang awtoridad sa mga susi ngunit ipinagkakatiwala Niya ito sa mga naatasan Niya. At sa Juan 21:15-17 si Pedro ang magiging Pastol ng mga tupa at kordero.

" Jesus entrusted a specific authority to Peter: "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven,and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."287 The "power of the keys" designates
authority to govern the house of God, which is the Church. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, confirmed this mandate after his Resurrection: "Feed my sheep."288 The power to "bind and loose" connotes the authority to absolve sins, to pronounce doctrinal judgements, and to make disciplinary decisions in the Church. Jesus entrusted this authority to the Church through the ministry of the apostles289 and in particular through the ministry of Peter, the only one to whom he specifically entrusted the keys of the kingdom."

Makikita natin ang pagkakaiba ng tungkuling ginagampanan ng Santo Papa na kaiba sa tungkulin ng mga Obispo dahil siya lang ang pinagkalooban na mag-isang makakapagtali o makakapag-kalag sa lupa na mangyayari din naman sa langit. Ang suporta nito sa Bibliya ay makikita sa "Ibibigay Ko sa iyo ang mga susi ng kaharian ng langit, at anumang iyong talian sa lupa at tatalian sa langit; at anumang iyong kalagan sa lupa ay kakalagan sa langit." Mateo 16 : 19 Sa pagkakataong ito, binigay ni Hesus ang susi kay Pedro lamang. Mapapansin dito na hindi kinakailangan ang pagsang-ayon ng ibang mga apostol para sa pagkalag
at pagtali ni Pedro.

Makikita din sa"Simon, Simon, narito, hiningi ni satanas na ligligin kayo gaya ng trigo, subalit ako ay nanalangin para sa iyo upang ang iyong pananampalataya ay huwag mawala; kung makabalik ka nang muli, ay palakasin mo ang iyong mga kapatid." Lucas 22 : 31-32 Sinasabi dito na si Pedro ang naatasan na magpalakas ng pananampalataya ng Simbahan.

Para sa marami pang mga sitas sa bibliya na magpapatibay ng kanyang tungkulin bilang punong ministro ng Simbahan na pinagkalooban ng grasya ng Infallibility, pumunta na lang sa link na ito http://www.scripturecatholic.com/primacy_of_peter.html

* "Katotohanang sinasabi ko sa inyo, na anumang inyong talian sa lupa ay yaong tatalian sa langit; at anumang inyong kalagan sa lupa ay yaong kakalagan sa langit. " Mateo 18 : 18

Infallibility ng lahat ng Apostoles kaisa ni Pedro

Para naman sa grasya na natanggap ng mga Obispo, ang kanilang kapangyarihan na magkalag at magtali ay binigay ni Hesus di para sa isa sa kanila lamang pero para sa grupo. At sa grupong ito, kasama nila sa mga pinagbigyan ni Hesus si Pedro. Kaya naman masasabi na infallible ang mga lahat ng Obispo kung sila ay magkakaisa sa isang desisyon, moral man o pananampalataya, sa kondisyong sila ay nakikiisa sa desisyon ng Santo Papa. Makikita ang pagbigay ng kapangyarihan na ito sa Magisterium ng Simbahan

Sa turo ni Hesus, ang may awtoridad sa pagbigay ng kahulugan at pagpapanatili ng Sagradong Salita ng Diyos ay ang Magisterium ng Simbahan. Ang Magisterium
ay binubuo ng Santo Papa at ng mga Obispo na kaisa ng Santo Papa na gumagalaw sa kapangyarihan ng kanilang posisyon. At dahil sa naniniwala ang Simbahang
katoliko na hindi namamatay ang posisyon ng Apostol kung hindi ay naipapasa, parte ng pananampalataya at isang doktrina na ituring ang Santo Papa at mga Obispo
na nakaupo sa posisyon ng mga Apostol. Dahil dito, marapat lang na makinig tayo sa kanila dahil sinabi ni Hesus na:

"Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven"
(Matt. 18:18).

* At dahil sa garantiya na si Hesus na "guide you into all the truth" (John 16:13).

* Simon, Simon, hinihingi ni Satanas na salain kayong [pangmaramihan] tulad ng trigo pero ipinagdasal kita [singular] nang di bumagsak ang iyong [singular] pananampalataya. At sa pagbabalikloob mo [singular] naman , patatagin mo [singular] ang iyong mga kapatid.( Luke 22:31 -32)

Makikita natin dito na pinili ni Hesus si Pedro upang mamuno sa mga apostol, at dahil sa pinagdasal ni Kristo ang pananampalataya ni Perdro bilang punong ministro ng Iglesiya.
Other biblical Evidence of the Primacy of Peter
Mga Ebidensiya na nangunguna sa mga apostol sa New Testament
Nangunguna si Pedro 'pag tinutukoy ang mga apostoles (Matt. 10:1-4, Mark 3:16-19, Luke 6:14-16, Acts 1:13, Luke 9:32)
Si Pedro ang kadalasang tagapagsalita ng mga apostoles (Matt. 18:21, Mark 8:29, Luke 12:41, John 6:68-69)
Kapansin-pansin siya sa mga mahahalagang pangyayari (Matt. 14:28-32, Matt. 17:24-27, Mark 10:23-28)
Sa Pentecost, sya ang nanguna sa pagtuturo (Acts 2:14-40), pagpapagaling matapos ang Pentecost, kaarawan ng simbahan, (Acts 3:6-7)
Ang pananampalataya ni Pedro ang magpapalakas ng kanyang mga kapatid (Luke 22:32)
Siya ang pinagbilinan ng mga tupa (John 21:17)
Pinadalan ang anghel kay Pedro para ipaalam ang muling pagkabuhay (Mark 16:7)
Siya ang nanguna sa pagpupulong at paghirang kay Matthias (Acts 1:13-26)
Tinanggap niya ang mga unang converts (Acts 2:41)
Siya ang unang nagparusa (Acts 5:1-11)
unang nag-excommunicate ng heretic (Acts 8:18-23)
Nanguna sa unang konsilyo sa Jerusalem(Act 15) at pagbigay ng unang dogmatic decision
Unang nakatanggap ng mensahe ng pagtanggap ng mga Hentil para mabinyagan at maging Kristiano (Acts 10:46-48)

Base din sa Kasaysayan

Makikita din sa Sagradong Tradisyon na pati si Cyprian ng Carthage, na sumulat noong 256, ay nagbigay ng ganitong tanong, "Would the heretics dare to come to
the very seat of Peter whence apostolic faith is derived and whither no errors can come?" (Letters 59 [55], 14). At sa sinabi noong ikalimang siglo ni Augustine na, "Rome has spoken; the case is concluded"
(Sermons 131, 10).

Ano ang pagpapatunay na naipapasa ang Posisyon ng mga apostoles. Pano tayo nagkaroong ng mga Obispo at ano ang kaugnayan nila sa mga Apostoles? Sa pangunguna ni Pedro, sila ay namili ng papalit kay Judas (Acts 1:20-26). Si Matthias ang napili bilang kapalit ni Judas na nangangahulugan na naluklok siya sa posisyon ng episkopoi na mangangalaga ng simbahan.

Masasabi natin na sina Pablo (Paul) at Bernabe (Barnabas) ay naging obispo ng simbahan dahil sa kanilang ginampanan ng pagbisita at pagtingin (episkepsometha= oversee) sa simbahan (Acts 15:36). Ang nagmana ng posisyon ng mga Apostol ay ang mga Obispo. Sinabihan ng mga apostol ang taong hinirang nila na sa kanilang pagpanaw, makapili sila ng tao na magpatuloy ang kanilang misyon . At dahil dito, napananatili ang Tradisyon ng mga apostol. Ito ang nangyari ng piliin ni Pablo sina Timoteo at Titus (Titus 1:5).

Ang Matatanda ng Iglesiya (Act 20:17) ang tinutukoy sa Act 20:28 na may tungkulin na maging tagapag-ingat (overseer) para pangalagaan ang Iglesiya. Ang salitang "bishop" sa Ingles ay galing sa salitang episkopos sa Griego na ang kahulugan ay tagapag-ingat