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Monday, May 24, 2010

Prayer based on Dives in Misericordia

Jesus, Mercy made flesh, you have revealed God and showed his relationship of love & mercy with us. You showed how close He is especially in our sufferings. You have revealed man to us and you have asked to us to be guided by love and mercy. Send us the Holy Spirit to move us to be aware that everytime we fall into sin, we experience the loss of dignity as children of God.

Your Mercy is concretely expressed in our conversion. Jesus, you have undergone the cross to bear upon our sin & to restore the creative power in man to access the fullness of life & holiness. Our Redemption shows your mercy in it's fullness, the ultimate and definitive revelation of your holiness, your absolute fullness of perfection: the fullness of justice & of love. By your passion & death, you have shown the absolute & superabundance of justice. By your sacrifice, the Father is linked to us more intimately than that of creation. Now we are linked to the Father, our Abba, by the bond of love that grants us participation in d very life of the Trinity.

You have paid for our sins at the price of your sacrifice, of your obedience even to death. You have redeemed us from Death at the price of your death, for you are w/o sin & you alone are able—by means of your own death—to inflict death upon death. Your cross, Lord Jesus, makes us understand the deepest roots of evil, which are fixed in sin and death.

You are the God Of Mercy. Let this knowledge be our constant & inexhaustible source of our conversion. Let us experience the interior transformation when we love and show mercy to our neighbors. Remind us that in doing this, we also receive mercy from the same people

When we seek for true justice, remind us that it only has True mercy as it's profound source. When we concern ourselves only of reciprocal and equal distribution of objective & extrinsinc goods, remind us that love and only love is capable of restoring us to ourselves. That the most perfect incarnation of justice and of "equality" between people is Mercy which makes people meet one another in that value which is man himself. May we see that justice constitute the goal of forgiveness where he who forgives and he who is forgiven encounter one another at an essential point, the dignity of the person. That justice is necessary in order that love may reveal its own nature. We pray for a human society with justice, merciful love and forgiveness.

Remind us that forgiveness is more powerful than sin. That it is also d fundamental condition for reconciliation, not only in d relationship of God w/man,but also in relationships bet people. Give us the grace to acknowledge that we are trespassers against each other. Make us see that forgiveness, when it has Mercy as it's source, doesn't mean indulgence toward evil, scandals, injury or insult but it is a reparation for evil and scandal, compensation for insult.

Mother Mary, our mother in the order of grace,help us win the battle, the conflict that is within us, the battle with our disordered attraction to sin. Help us preserve our sense of what is sacred and deliver us from elements that dehumanizes us and cause our society's moral decay. We pray that we, the Church, continue to reveal You, our Father, you who allow us to "see" yourself in Christ. Amen

-- my heart rejoices in the Lord!

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